For two weeks, I had conversations with a Pepe who maintains several blogsites to his name. The highlight of those conversations were about scary stuff, those that would cause you goosebumps or your split ends to stand and look like snakes’ forked tongues.  Last Tuesday, what started as jokes turned seriously scary conversations unintentionally to let us to remain awake for the duration of our overtime.  To some extent, I still continued even when I was told to stop; but it was all in the name of fun.

All the office workers within our floor seemed to have gone home already and I was alone at the office.  I went to the men’s room to urinate around 12:00 m.n. when I sensed an eerie presence along the corridor.  Although, I have been told stories about it several times before by some of our clients and visitors, I just did not mind it.

By 1:00a.m., I was done with my work.  I was about to don my barong when I had the strange thought of meeting someone also clad in barong along the corridors.  The mere thought of it caused me to leave my barong behind and instead, I just left wearing my white undershirt.  I hurriedly walked past the other rooms and I could only hear the sound of my footsteps; I imagined my footsteps echoing through the entire floor.

At the stairs, I saw my image vaguely reflected on the glass door.  But as I came to walk past it, I also some erect image facing front when I was sideways.  In a flash, I was already at the first floor.  I bid the security guards goodbye and did not tell them about the image I just saw. Was there really a Ghost At the Stairs?!?   It was just pure imagination, I suppose.

I went to Buendia Avenue to take my ride home.  The moon was still shining bright and it gave me a clearer view of two black rats playfully running after each other in the middle of the street. The other passersby were taken aback and stayed on the sides while the rodents, much bigger than kittens, looked like they owned the street at that moment.

Ghost or no ghost, rodent or no rodent, I have to go home to rest my weary mind and be ready for another working day.  My boss just might scare my brains out if I am unable to work efficiently and execute my work satisfactorily.  Or maybe, I just might need a ghost to scare my boss. 😀