mr pogi

As soon as I buzzed the doorbell, Tina opened the gate to their house.  It looked like Tina was already waiting for me even before my arrival.

“Pasok ka, Kuya.  Si Kuya Tarbs ka, di ba?”

It felt awkward that I was being called by my blogname when I was there for some business and professional matters.

I had to re-introduce myself.

“Ako si Bienvenido Oliveros NG TAytay, RIzal… You can call me Bong. ”

A cheerful applause came by.

The longest running noontime show was playing on television.

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  1. iba na format ngayon ng mr. pogi. quickie.

  2. Manul-nulat ng Bayan

     /  July 19, 2012

    uy, nakilala na,,,,

  3. Pwede pwede pa lumaban sa Mr. Pogi! =) Now lang ulit nakapagbasa dito. Nice one!

  4. ayun eh. kuya bong! :))

  5. hmmm… sa pagkakaalala ko e ako ata ang unang tumawag ng Tarbs sayo. hehehe. nung panahon pa ng base awards. 🙂 ano ba kasing ginagawa mo dun?


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