mr pogi

As soon as I buzzed the doorbell, Tina opened the gate to their house.  It looked like Tina was already waiting for me even before my arrival.

“Pasok ka, Kuya.  Si Kuya Tarbs ka, di ba?”

It felt awkward that I was being called by my blogname when I was there for some business and professional matters.

I had to re-introduce myself.

“Ako si Bienvenido Oliveros NG TAytay, RIzal… You can call me Bong. ”

A cheerful applause came by.

The longest running noontime show was playing on television.

Leaving Bits and Morsels



Yan ang naging rason ko noong hindi ako nakapag-surprise exam noong college dahil nanood ako ng sine. Malay ko bang papasok pa ang prof na nag-walkout sa klase at lumiban ng dalawang magkasunod na meeting.

Kinausap ko yung prof ko noong nakasabay ko sa pag-ihi bago ang sumunod na klase namin.  Aprub kaagad ang dahilan, hindi na ako pinakuha ng medical certificate.  Hindi na rin ako pinakuha pa ng exam tutal may recitation naman na daw ako.

Maraming bumagsak sa subject na iyon dahil sa mababang iskor sa exam. Buti na lang hindi na ako pinakuha pa hehehhehe. Saved by lbm.

*           *           *

Sa review para sa licensure exams:
Prof: Prepare for the worst when you take the exams. Better be prepared. So, when you are confronted with anticipated recurring visits to the toilet, you need to bring dia—-? Mr. Tari, what do you need to bring?
Bong: Diaper, sir. Diaper!

*           *           *

The pangs of an impending uproar were slowly becoming evident so I dismissed the class earlier than usual.  As I was about to leave the building, a familiar face greeted me, with a wide grin.

He said, “Thank you, sir.  CPA na po ako!”

“Wow! Congratulations! Kelan pa?” I replied and shook his hands.

“Neto lang po,” he answered.  He was one of the few students who bugged me with questions I tried to effectively answer as much as I can.

“Nice.  Good luck.” I said to him as I waved a bit to show I am in a hurry.

“Maglo-law din po ako…” he shouted as I was leaving.

I looked back at him and gave him a thumbs up.  “Keep it up.  Hope you do well.”

I rushed to the Admin building and I saw the lad’s picture among those in the congratulatory tarpaulin.

I thought, maybe leaving bits and morsels to them had also paid off.

But then, there’s still a long way to go…  like my way to the comfort room, pronto!