red-letter day








*     *     *

Kate was still devastated when she reported for work.  Over the weekend, she discovered  George’s philandering.  With solid evidence to boot.

Perhaps to help her ease the burden, she confided to Frank.  She showed him a picture of her husband’s mistress.

Frank said, “You’re much more beautiful.  Prettier and sexier even.”

Kate gave Frank a bewildered look…

Then, Frank softly remarked, “Be like Popoy and Basha.”

Kate countered, “But we’re not like them.  We’re married.”

Frank replied, “Then that gives a better reason for you to give each other one more chance!”

Kate gave Frank another bewildered look…

“Have you watched Real Steel?” Frank asked.

Kate shook her head.

“ You should see it.  Great action movie. About humans and robots.” Frank eagerly said.

Frank received another bewildered look from Kate.

Frank continued, ” Especially the scene where Max would have to be separated from his father. He told him: I want you to fight for me…  You should also tell that to your husband:  I want you to fight for me, for this marriage.”

Kate left Frank a bewildered look.

Frank was left bewildered.

Kate left bewildered.

Hope we can all stay in the RED and be well there! 😀

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  1. puro red lang ang nabasa ko…ako din may pekpek nga lang!! hihihihi

  2. Bakit nga ba pula ang kulay ng pag-ibig? Dahil sadya itong madugo?

  3. sayang hindi ko napapanood ang real steel… 😀

  4. Bukod sa pagsigaw ko sa match ni Atom at nung Whatshisface robot na mayabang, nakakakirot din naman ng puso tong movie. This movie reminded me why 2 years ago I wanted to have my own son. Yung makita mo lang how your kid is so much like you, di ba ansarap. Yadda yadda Master Yoda. Blog more I shall.

  5. Atsaka parang nakarelate ako jan sa philandering shit na yan. Pero hindi ako. yung close friend ko. Yung kinuwento ko dati.


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