As soon as he was through with the roll call, the professor called George in front to talk to him. As soon as George was near, the professor pulled out several sheets of paper from a manila envelope inside his attaché bag. He handed the papers to George.

“Mr. Ocampo, I’ve gone over your second completion report and it shows that you only changed the spelling of the encircled words or deleted them from your previous report. You had the entire two semesters to make up for your incomplete grade, and yet did not exert efforts for it. I am giving back your completion report and I’m giving you the last chance within our three-hour class period to look for the correct answers for this report. You can do your research outside or do whatever you can; no need to rewrite your report, you only have to tell me what the correct answers are and then I’ll give you your final grade.”

George went back to his seat and tried his best to decipher what the professor was looking for.

The professor proceeded to discuss the answers to the recently-concluded midterm examinations while the class checked their examination papers. The exam was easy; the student who got the highest was two points shy of a perfect score. Some fared well, some did fine but there are others who did poorly. All the while, George remained at his seat.

When the class activity was finally over, the professor again called George to check on his progress.

“So, do you have the correct answers now?”

“Sir, I… I don’t know. You see, the completion report… these are the answers I got from my research.”

“Are you insisting on your answers? Because if you do, I may as well give you your final grade now. Would you want that?”

“No, sir. But I got the answers from the internet and the book…”

“All right. If you say so, go find the website where you found your answers and tell me. Show me the book. If what you say is correct, then I will give you a grade of 2.5. Just like that. Otherwise, you get a failing grade.”

“… but Sir, I am a working student, and I told you about it even before; can you just extend some consideration? Please……”

“Mr. Ocampo, I have taken that into consideration when I gave you an incomplete grade for the subject. You got 61.25% average for that semester. It would not be fair if I gave you a passing grade now just because you are a working student. You need to do your part. You need to earn that grade. You need to prove you deserve it.”

“Ammm…. I guess, I just have to ask for some time sir… to go over my report and submit my completion again….”

“All right then. You have until Friday. See me at Room B3 321 where I have my Friday class starting 6pm.”

George was devastated. He was red in the face but his dark skin concealed it.

The professor maintained his composure. The students need to have their lessons and learn them well.

The professor hopes George finds the correct answers by Friday.

The professor hopes George makes the grade.

George hopes, too.