becoming a real father

Today, i’d like to share a note posted by a very good friend, my kumpareng FEDIC. Here it goes:

Many people think being a father is not difficult.  Some think that being a father is as simple as what it seems like.  To me, there are two kinds: a father in appearance and a father in heart.  One becomes a real father when all he thinks about is what’s good for his kids. A real father is one who will eat less just to make his kids full.  A father who can take every risk just to ensure his kids’ future. A father who works hard not for his vices but for his kids’ needs.  You can say you’re a father if you cry when you see your kids’ crying. You’re a father if you get hurt when you see your kids growing without guidance and you’ll get mad if you see them leading the wrong path.

Being a father is so hard, unlike what others think.  Fatherhood is just easy to define but hard to justify.  It is not just having a baby which qualifies one to be a father.  It is all about caring and loving, doing the impossible and still believing that you could still do it for your kids’ sakes.  

I also have babies– two beautiful angels named HAILIE & KYLIE.  But, I cannot say that I’m already a father.  I say this because I know that I still have so many things to do to prove that.  All I can say is that I love them so much and I will do everything to protect them and raise them to be good individuals.  I know I cannot give them all the things that they need but I can assure them that I will give them all the things and love that I have.

To all the fathers out there, love your kids.  They’re the only treasures we have.  Avoid hurting them so bad, because it may be kept embedded in their heart even as they grow up, or worse if they’d be gone, it may be too late to realize what you have done.

Happy Fathers Day to all, especially to my dad. We miss you so much Papa… We will always love you!


After I thanked Fedic for allowing me to share his note on this post, I told him how Hailie and Kylie must be proud of him to have him as their dad. He replied: “Tnx po. But I think I am much more blessed to have them as my kids. Ingat po lage…

Need I say more?

*          *         *

I’ve been told to stop with what I do and have time for myself but there’s still a long way to go.  Sure, I make the stops but i still need to keep on going and I still carry the what-if’s as I trudge along… When I make the stops, I sometimes look back and prod on others to keep on going, too! 😀

My heart leapt as I read this unexpected SMS:


“Tatay Taribong! Happy father’s day! You’re the best cyber daddy for me! Thank you.” 19 Jun 2011 11:05 From +63922******5


+63922******5,  thank you too. The text message truly made my day.  The next stop for you is very near and soon your dreams would be within reach.  I join your parents in waiting for that day when finally you’ll have the letters ECE appended to your name.  Keep up the good work!

Happy father’s day, everyone!!!

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  1. di ko alam kung babatiin kita ng happy fathers day o hindi. lol. di ako sure pre.

  2. haha darating din ang araw na ang sarili kong anak ang tatawag sa akin ng tatay at babati ng happy father^s day! 🙂 sa lalong madaling panahon!!

  3. ang sweet ni eloi.. 🙂

  4. well said po ser Fedic, thanks for sharing this kuya tarbs.
    dun ako sa “…avoid hurting them so bad, because it may be kept embedded in their heart even as they grow up, or worse if they’d be gone, it may be too late to realize what you have done. ”
    same as one of the verse in the Bible.

    Happy Father’s Day po kahit late sa lahat ng tatay!

  5. Natawa ako sa XMen joke mo. Hahaha. Kulet!!!


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