hunt suspended (3/4)

Yesterday started with a call from my niece wanting to see me before they leave for the province in an hour’s time.  Due to my tight schedule, i was unable to visit them for the duration of their stay with their mother. Mentally computing time for bath and travel, I would not be able to catch up with their van prior to its departure.  I apologized and promised to make up for my shortcomings as I hoped for better times.

On my way to the office, i dropped by my favorite bookstore in search of new great finds.  Thank good heavens, my feet brought me there as i found a copy of the book i was looking for the past twelve years!   The original copy that i had was lost by a friend when he absentmindedly left it (and two other books) inside the moviehouse.

And so, I was happy and excited in finding Roger MacBride Allen’s The Modular Man among the stacks of books on display.  What’s more, it was on sale at about 85% of the original price when i bought my first copy.

When i left the bookstore, i had six books at P136 only:  five paperbacks with the same exact price each and a hardbound book priced lower by P12. (How much then does each book cost? 15 points)

Having found the book i had been longing for a very long time, my book hunt for now is temporarily, unofficially and indefinitely suspended!   After all, I’ve got a lot of reading and catching up to do!

*As i was doing the computation for the math problem in this post, I found out that two books have been unknowingly and unintentionally given to me for free!

I could not locate the receipt anymore but i vividly recall the salesclerk saying 1-3-6 for the price of the books.  I decided to keep the extra books for myself.  Let’s just say, they are presents to one of the bookstore’s avid treasure hunters!   But should they demand payment, then i’d gladly and readily pay for them.

**Now here’s the treat:  NAME IT, OWN IT!

Be the first to name any of the other five books i bought and you’ll have the copy for yourself!

1.  A commenter  can have as many guesses as he/she likes until all the books have been won.  The commenter must indicate the title and author of the book at the comment section below.

2. One at a time.  To prevent monopoly in the comment section, there shall be NO two successive guesses by one individual.  Once the commenter has made a guess, he/she shall wait for another commenter to make his/her own guess at the comment section before he/she (the former commenter) can play another turn.

3.  The individual who first places the correct title and author of any of the books wins.  A commenter can win all the five books in this contest.

Good luck!!!

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  1. waaaaa! gusto ko sana kaso nakakatamad manghula..hehehe

    mamaya ako naman ang mag book hunt. 🙂


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