Eight years ago, i affixed my signature

in one of the pages of the great book…


It was through faith and perseverance

that that one glorious occasion came to be….


They say the latest battle the others hurdled was tough;

but ours was tougher and may have been

the toughest in the last decade…


But then again, it’s what comes

after the battle that is really tough…


Tough times are not yet over;

there are more battles ahead…


The roads are rugged, narrow and rocky,

although one may go for the shortcuts…


How far have i gone since then?


Not far.  But i am still going….


Going farther….


Farther still…




No matter how difficult

it may seem…


But today,

there is reason

to celebrate!


Cheers!!!! 😀


Sa lahat ng nakilala, nakikilala at makikilala pa…

sa lahat ng mga taong naging bahagi na ng buhay ko,

sa anumang paraan at sa anumang pagkakataon,

maraming salamat!  Isang tagay para sa ating lahat!!!


gud por di hangober

Tanong:  Para kanino ka bumabangon?

Sagot:  Para sa pamilya ko…. Madalas kasing nakaharang sa pintuan ang hinihigaan ko. 😀

Tara, kape tayo!

(P.S. Will try to update sooooonnnnnn……)