just one shot

just one shot, the toxicity creeps…

just one shot, the stupor reeks…

just one shot…

just one shot, the city noise was pierced…

just one shot, it went unnoticed…

just one shot, time stood still…

just one shot, a nightmare it was…

just one shot, a dream went bust…

just one shot.

(this one’s for those who knew sam who was only 29 but rushed to write 30)

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  1. Woah. Just one shot.

  2. awwww… i am thinking you personally knew him? so sorry to hear…

    • taribong

       /  January 21, 2011

      my boss personally knows him and was greatly affected by his passing…

  3. Arnie

     /  January 20, 2011

    nalulungkot ako…

    me naalala akong masaklap na pangyayari…

    for just one shot everything has changed… =(

  4. Always the fascination with death, Tarbs?

    Pero oo, nakakalungkot. Hindi ko lang alam kase.. ayoko ng mga ganyang kwento. Nasasad me much.

    • taribong

       /  January 21, 2011

      di ko rin alam eh…
      siguro dahil dun din tayo pupunta…
      dahil hindi nagtatapos ang lahat sa kamatayan….
      dahil may…. awwwwoooooooo….

  5. this poetry’s wicked. pretty much liked how you used the word “shot” in two different contexts. magaling magaling magaling!

  6. kakalungkot lang pag may nawawala….kahit alam nating lahat na ang lahat eh doon pupunta!


  7. Isa lang ang alam kong shot, yun ay tuwing may inuman.

  8. this one is sad, a tragedy of life.

  9. Just one shot, and life has changed.

    I don’t know or I will never understand about this but life is so precious.

    Another sad reality, it is.

    How are you Sir Tarbs?

  10. nakakalungkot ang kamatayan.
    nakakalungkot ang dahilan ng kamatayan.
    nakakalungkot ang aral na hindi na matututunan.
    na ang alak at baril ay hindi magandang kombinasyong pagsamahin sa higaan.


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