here’s what I really wish for

I wish for….



…time to do whatever I need to do.


…time to do whatever I want to do.


…time to have fun.


…time to go home.


…time to find time!

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  1. and the best TIME is now
    yehey kuya tarbs!

    there’ll be always a time for everything =)

  2. hypothetical answer..haha

  3. time to find time.. I think i need that too. nakakasawa nang puro work work work na lang lagi. hay.

  4. Eto medyo na-gets ko na. Time.

  5. toni

     /  December 6, 2010

    hala kasano tattan.

    maari mo ba kase gawin un ng sabay sabay?

    meri xmas kuya Bong.

  6. you can always find time in all the things you need and want to do.. it all depends on you.. Time depends on you.. 😀

    thank you kuya!

  7. sabi nga ng paborito kong kanta nung elem…
    the time to be happy is now
    a place to be happy is here… (nakalilutan ko ang susunod) 🙂


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