As the professor passed the corridors of the university going to his next class, his attention was caught by the blown-up pictures of two students posted on the bulletin board.  Their faces were very familiar to the professor. On top of the pictures were the names of the students; below were the words: REST IN PEACE!

The professor proceeded to the room for his first class but only one student was there.

“Where are the others?  Weren’t they expecting me today?”

“The others went to the wake, sir.  I’m waiting for the others.  The dean gave his permission for us to attend the last night vigil for James. His body will be brought to Romblon tomorrow morning. The body of Kim has already been brought to Nueva Ecija.”

The professor hurriedly checked his class index cards.  The names on the fifth and sixth index cards matched those of the students whose pictures were placed side by side on the bulletin board.

Three other students from the other classes entered the room and asked the professor’s permission to allow them to go to the wake as well.  They said they have already been given the permission of their other professors as well as the dean.

The students relayed to their professor the mixed reports, rumors and speculations regarding the death of their two classmates:  James was the boyfriend of Kim until they broke off recently.  They reportedly checked in an apartelle room on Thursday evening to settle the matter between them once and for all.   And then, they allegedly drank poison.  The girl died first;  the boy had to cut his wrist when perhaps the poison he drank was not enough to cause his death instantaneously.  The bodies were found only when the roomboy forced his way into the room when the couple failed to check out after the 12 hour time ran out.

The professor vividly remembers the girl who for the past two weeks sat on the second row, middle seat during class.  She was listening intensely during the lectures, she nodded when she understood it, and would frequently smile when the professor cracked jokes.  She would raise her hands when she knew the answers to the questions the professor asked or when she had questions she wanted the professor to clarify or explain further.  The professor had always looked forward to Kim’s smile as the basis whether or not the class understood his lecture.

During the first months of the semester, James and Kim sat beside each other on the third row, right side of the class.  But recently, they sat away from each other.  James sat wherever any seat is available and he was not very attentive in class.  At that time, the professor did not notice whatever the problem was with James and Kim. Or if he had sensed any, he did not pay particular attention to it.

The professor looked at the index cards once more.  Both students scored 85% on their recitation and both were absent on August 2, 2010. James missed class for the second time on September 1, 2010.  Now, both cannot attend the professor’s class anymore.  In one way or another, they will be missed.  The professor then prayed for his students.

James (July 29, 1983- September 10, 2010)

Kim (February 23, 1992 – September 10, 2010)

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  1. Tragic. Syet lang.

  2. shaks naman… suicide ang solution nila sa mga problema nila…

    kahit gano kalala ang problems, suicide shouldn’t be an option..

    sayang ambabata pa nila.

  3. hays… grabe ang babata pa nga nila… hehehe

    • bata? ibig sabihin, hindi nila alam ang ginawa(ginagawa noong kasalukuyan/ gagawin noong iniisip pa lang at hindi pa nila ginawa )

  4. 😦

    prayer nalang ang pwedeng ipabaon sa kanila.

  5. In every problem there is always an appropriate solution… Kaya wag sayangin ang buhay nag-iisa lng yan dahil lng sa isang problema…. Think deep marami kang mabubuo na idea….

    • We do not know the real story behind it all. Only the parties knew about it… at ang silid kung saan naganap ang kanilang mga huling sandali sa lupa ay mananatiling piping saksi sa mga kaganapang iyon… kung mangungusap lang sana ang mga dingding, ang kama, ang unan, ang kumot… hayst

  6. grabe nakakalungkot..

    Pero napansin ko ang laki ng age gap nila… halos 10 years… at magkaklase pa silang dalawa… nacurious tuloy ako….

    • hayst nakakalungkot talaga…

      Prof. BT: hindi tumitingin ng edad ang pag-ibig. But who knows, baka may kaugnayan din ang edad sa pagpapatiwakal… There are many classes in the university which have students beyond the usual ages of 16-21; The oldest I had so far in any of my classes is 56 y/o.

  7. tama ba ang sapantaha kong ikaw ang propesor ni james at kim?

    gusto kong makisimpatiya pero mas nangingibabaw ang kagustuhan kong sabihing napaka-duwag at tanga nila para isuko ang kung anumang buhay meron sila.

    two less lonely people in the world…

  8. awwww kakalungkot naman taribong!

    tama ka..hindi natin alam ang tutoong nangyari kaya mahirap ang husgahan sila! kakalungkot lang isipin na hindi nila kinaya ang problema…..

  9. taribong

     /  September 15, 2010

    @lio loco: there might be more to it than prof BT or any person knows. we struggle to look at available evidence to come up with theories and possible explanation, yet they will never come close to what the real reason was and what really transpired. other speculations would only tarnish the memory of both students. for now, though lame as it may seem, we content ourselves with the thought that they were blinded by love…

    • whatever the real reason is, i do not see any justifiable rational motive why something as precious as life can be thrown out as easily as that. life is an everyday struggle. no matter how shitty and ugly its innards may be, you have to keep on living it, you have to keep on chasing your one, ultimate dream, you have to deal with it. people who choose to do otherwise are unfortunately weak and pathetic in my books. i am not a fan of overrated theatrics. and yes, being blinded by love is not an excuse.

      and i go back to that classic saccharine line: two less lonely people in the world…

      • kakaiyak naman yung song na yan kuya lio

      • Lio, my dear, there really is no justifiable rational motive why people do such. But who says they were rational when they did it? And lest we be judged, maybe, it would matter more if we will just utter a silent prayer for those who did, and most especially for those who are contemplating doing what the two did.

        It may look pathetic and weak to us, but we do not know what really happened. There are really weak people, and there are those who fight whatever circumstances they’re dealt with, like you. Be happy and thankful you are strong.

        As for people who have been left by those who choose to take their lives, it will forever be a struggle to come to terms with what happened. And that’s speaking from experience…

        • hi mami kaye! apologies are due for crossing the line albeit i honestly meant no offense. i have not remembered you have had a first-hand experience of the same tragedy.

          nonetheless, i stand firm by my belief. while i acknowledge the fact that what really transpired can never be known to those who live and admit that i may have reacted too harshly and impulsively, i still think that taking one’s life is not the answer to whatever personal circumstance the individual had at that time.

          two points:

          (1) life is sacred and should, therefore, be cherished. for someone to kill himself regardless of any reason – whether acceptable (?) or condemnable (? – is to treat himself merely as a thing and not as a human being. to reject your own mortality is to reject the wisdom that you have been bestowed with by a higher order.

          (2)everybody dies. it is a fact of life. it’s only a matter of when you’re due for the final reckoning. this being the case, why rob yourself of a dignified death by treading an alternate life path?

          in the end, i believe that the human woes of loneliness, frailty and depression will never be answered by self-destruction. rather it is the evolution of a society that will embrace compassion, care, and generosity to those who are weak that may resolve this dilemma.

          i pray for your brother’s reposed soul, mami kaye. and to james and kim who have sadly made a decision that i will never acknowledge as acceptable.

          hugs and kisses,

          *chupachups* 😀

          • hey lio! 🙂 let it be known that I did not take it against you for airing your opinion. We all have ours, after all, and I believe you said those based on your own experiences, too.

            I, too, believe that life is sacred. Too, it is not ours to do with as we please. In the end, we all answer to one Supreme Being. Our lives, after all, are borrowed.

            Yet, even as we speculate, there really is nothing we can still do if one takes his own life. Even if we tell the world how stupid that person was for doing what he did, all that would be water under the bridge. We can just maybe make sure that we live our own lives according to the principles you mentioned above, and be a friend to those who might need us so we can be sure no more life would be wasted…

            oh, and I would truly appreciate prayers for my brother and for those like him…

            at meron talagang chupachups ano? 😀

      • @Lio, thank you for sharing your thoughts, and may it echo to the minds of people who read it here. You are such a fine young man, and you have a great future ahead!

        as for the two students, we can only theorize on what they did. No matter what we say, they’re gone and we could not do anything about it other than to pray for them.

  10. tragic at nakakalungkot.

    kung anuman ang dahilan sa nangyari,maiwan sana sa mga mahal nila ang tanging magagandang ala-ala ng kanilang buhay.

  11. When you said James was the boyfriend of Kim, I immidiately assumed that they were both boys. Too bad, I was wrong.

    Romeo and Juliet, much? Sorry. Didn’t realize this was based on something that happened in real life. My sympathies. How come you have been writing a lot about death, though?

  12. grabe naman. sinayang nila ang buhay.nakakalungkot naman.


  14. toni

     /  September 16, 2010

    ung age gap di problema.

    si James lang twice nag-absent di ba at eksaktong 30 days nong magpakamatay sila.

  15. RIP.

    Pero kung ano man ang reason. Alam ko sobrang lugkot ng Maykapal sa pangyayari na ito. Kasi naala ko lang yung homily nung isang linggo na kung may nahiwalay na isang tupa ay hahanapin ng kanyang pastol kahit anong mangyari at yung isang sentimo na nawala ay hahanapin sa dilim. Ganun din si Lord…gagawin ang lahat para lang maibalik tayo sa kanyang pagmamahal.

    Gaob Bless!

  16. so sad, minsan lang ang buhay.

  17. shea

     /  September 20, 2010

    hmmm…sad naman… buti na lang di ako natuloy sa ganyang eksena.. kasi dami ako blogger friends na supportive… wooott..

  18. machongbutiki

     /  September 22, 2010

    how sad.
    is this true kuya?
    hmmm. i guess this is.

    • This is a true story. The names (albeit really close to the real ones) of those involved have been changed to protect their identity.

  19. Awwwwwww….so sad! May they find peace wherever they are now 😦

  20. totoo po ba yung kwento? kalungkot naman! =( taga nueva ecija ako,, pero hindi ako suicidal hihih ^^

    kahit alam kong kumpleto na ang nabasa ko pero bakit ganun parang bitin padin para sa akin.. ano pa kaya ang hinahanap ng isip ko…

    • Totoo yung kuwento, Bons. Iniba ko lang ang mga pagkakakilanlan (ngunit malapit sa totoo nilang mga pangalan).

      Sadyang bitin ang kuwento. Mahirap kung maidadagdag pa ang mga haka-haka at spekulasyon. Kung anuman ang totoong pangyayari at mga dahilan patungkol doon, mananatili na lamang lihim sa pagyao nina Kim at James.

      Kung may taglay kang kapangyarihan, nais mo bang malaman ang lihim na iyon? 😀

  21. ang layo naman ng edad nila sa isa’t isa. oh well, age doesn’t matter…
    yun nga kaya ang rason kung bakit sila nagpakadedo. hakhak. may tumatakbo na naman sa isip ko eh.
    ay ewan!
    sayang ang taas pa naman ng grade na 85. pwede na makasurepass nyan! hakhak!

  22. kuya tarbs..happy blogoversary..wahahahaha


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