Chesa Lua

I am very happy for you. It felt very good to see you and your fiance on facebook. For a very long time, i have not seen you wear that smile. You exude the joy that is captivating.

The chat that we had was both fun and enlightening even as you complained to Trevor of my kakulitan importunity at that time.  For once, i felt free conversing with you again.

The past was very different because all my closest friends have courted you.  Drake, the silent shy type, loved you from a distance.  Leo was the persistent suitor whom i rooted for but ten years may have worn his patience out.  Rey came into the picture and the lucky guy got the very big break. And you kept the relationship so discreet that i knew about it only when it was finally over.

Five years passed and you found your great love in a foreign land. I could not help but notice your transformation and i wished you all the best. 

All the more, I was happy to receive your message saying “Thank u very much Bong.  Friend talaga kita haha”

To the muse of my very first short story written way back in 1986, I am very happy for you and you truly deserve to be happy.

As for your question which i failed to respond to before i logged out then, my answer is this: “I’m working on it.  Double time.”

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  1. whaT is the question ba kuya taribong? 😀

  2. o eh bakit gusto kong kumuha ng kutsilyo para laslasin ang pulso ko?

    pasensya na ser. nakarelate lang ako nang major major. haha!

  3. toni

     /  September 13, 2010

    di kaya kinukumusta naman nya lablayf mo?
    or kung kelan naman ikakasal?
    or kung kelan ang long table?
    yoko na dagdagan yan baka iblocked mo ko.

    kumusta din ang puso mo kuya?

  4. hmmmmmmm ang mga napag usapan ay mananatiling nakatago sa baul.. sabi ko nga. hohohho

  5. o cge na..di na ko magtatanong…wahahaha, naintindihan ko naman sigoro…hahaha

  6. alam ko ‘tong ganitong feeling.hindi eksaktong katulad ng nararamdaman mo pero may pagkakahawig.

    its like letting go but holding on to some memories and at the back of my head…a question of what if i…

    then you just let it go once more and go on with life.

    hindi eksakto pero parang ganito.

  7. major major ba ang hirap ng tanong kuya tarbs?

    if you cannot make it on time, make it before the time.

    double time kuya tarbs! Aja!

  8. usapang puso…idaan sa inuman. hehehe


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